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Garden 2 Market is a new program offered by the Community EcoGarden that supports local food security. This program offers local growers/gardeners a place to sell their excess garden produce, and allows market goers a locally grown option for vegetable purchase. Locally grown flowers, fruit, vegetables and berries all can be sold/purchased through this program.

To participate, interested growers/gardeners need to contact the EcoGarden to find out the Garden2Market schedule. Once confirmed, participants can then drop off their produce at the EcoGarden booth at the Mountain Market between 9 and 9:30 am on Sundays in Rotary Park. All produce must be cleaned, whole vegetables that are presentable for sale. Bagging your vegetables is optional, but welcomed.

The EcoGarden will set the prices for sale, however suggestions are welcome. A 20% fee will be collected off of all sales. The money raised will support the EcoGarden and offset the cost of program supplies.

Gardeners may pick up their money and excess produce at the end of the market at 2pm. Any produce not picked up will be donated to local organizations, individuals or volunteers.